Some people go through a lot in their quest for good health yet there are some fast and simple ways. Daily practice, for example, can do your mind and body wonders. A practice like foot massage requires little time but is very effective for good health and brings along far-reaching benefits based mainly on reflexology.

How foot massage benefits you

Lowers blood pressure


Reflexology lowers blood pressure significantly. Patients suffering from blood triglyceride levels and systolicpressure has their conditions improved after reflexology. Patients with high blood pressure who receive foot massage regularly have the symptoms improved.

Promotes wellness and general health

Daily reflexology can help in keeping your health in check psychologically. A foot massage for five minutes can reduce heart rate in critical patients, blood pressure, and stress as well. The soft tissues in the feet and hands also bring emotional comfort to the bereaved. People who do stressful jobs get an improvement in their mood as well as reduced levels of anxiety after a foot massage.

Acts as a pain reliever

Foot massage can help alleviate pain all over your body and not just the feet. Research shows that postoperative patients experience reduction in pain after reflexology as compared to those using medication. Women who have undergone C-sections also have their post operation pain reduced by having a foot massage.

Relieves cancer symptoms

Cancer patients tend to feel relieved from pain after having a foot massage. Cancer patients especially those who have breast cancer can have physical symptoms like shortness of breath reduced dramatically. They also have improved energy levels due to reflexology.



Eases symptoms of multiple sclerosis

Research shows that foot massage is capable of providing relief from fatigue due to crippling. Crippling fatigue is usually common in people who have multiple sclerosis and it is one of the popular symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Relieves swollen legs

healthylifestylerightsdfghjRegular foot massage can help to reduce edema that is pregnancy related significantly. This is because it reflexes the muscles and veins of the feet hence reducing the swelling.

Foot massage is a simple practice that can help to keep your mind and body healthy. You should go for foot massage as regular as possible to ensure you live a healthy lifestyle and relieve some of the lifestyle diseases.