Some people go through a lot in their quest for good health yet there are some fast and simple ways.

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Skin Care

Lounging in the sun can be fun. However, there are UV rays which come from that may be causing harm to your skin.

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Some makeup usually comes with protection against UV rays.

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How to pass workplace drug tests using synthetic urine

If you have been doing drugs and having a good time with your friends, the last thing you expect to pass is a drug test. Research reports by doctors say that traces of drugs are still available in your blood six weeks after consumption. That is why anti-doping agencies always catch up with athletes who are under the influence of drugs. Synthetic urine provides a solution to such athletes.

Understanding synthetic urine

Synthetic urine is a substance that is quite similar to the natural urine. It is manufactured in a commercial laboratory by mixing urea, water, and other components. Being similar to the natural urine, synthetic urine is used in place of the natural urine to pass a drug test.

Other uses of synthetic urine

ghdgd64On top of passing a workplace drug test, there are other uses of fake urine. It is used to keep rodents away from home gardens, for example. It is also used to satisfy certain sexual fetishes. You can also use it to pull a prank on your bedfellow, where you pretend to have peed on the bed. This can, however, be a very dangerous joke. Here, I will concentrate on the most common use of artificial urine- helping people pass drug tests.

How synthetic urine works

When commissioning drug tests, doctors use fake pee to calibrate their machines. That means that when used to test for drugs, synthetic urine will give perfect results, as long as the best synthetic pee is used. After all, it is the marking scheme. One big mistake that users of fake urine commit is handing it over to the lab when it is at the wrong temperature. Drug testers expect your urine to be at 94-96 degrees. Make sure that your fake pee is in the correct temperature range before it is examined. It shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. This is the only way the drug testers will believe that you have got the pee from your body naturally.

Overall verdict

gdgd64Using synthetic urine for your drug test works. For starters, drug testers use it to calibrate their machines. Therefore, you can never fail the test if you have the right fake pee. Thus, when buying fake pee, make sure that you buy the best one. Be very specific about the ingredients. Precisely, make sure that urea, not uric acid is the core ingredient. If you buy the best one, the only challenge left will be sneaking it into the examination room secretly. If you hand it over to the doctor at the right temperature, you will definitely pass the drug test.

In summary, there are several ways of cleaning your body from drug substances. To start with, you can let your body remove all the traces of the drugs from your bloodstream naturally. That will take close to six weeks or more. If you are in a hurry, there are several artificial detoxifiers that will help you clean your body. Most of these detoxifiers are health hazards. Instead of putting your overall body health at risk, just use synthetic urine to pass the drug test. Submit it as your real urine for analysis by the doctor. The test will go your way and you will get the promotion you are looking for at your workplace.



Summer Skin Care Tips

Lounging in the sun can be fun. However, there are UV rays which come from that may be causing harm to your skin. These rays destroy the collagen of your skin, leaves dry patches, give wrinkles and speeds up the process of aging. They may also lead to skin cancer that is considered the most common cancer type. You, therefore, need to take care of your skin during summer to avoid these effects.

Tips for taking care of your skin during summer


Wearing sunscreen is very vital during summer and care must be taken when buying them otherwise you may end up causing more harm to your skin. Ensure that you are buying a sunscreen and not suntain lotion. This is because if the lotion contains bronzer, then you may draw more sun to your body and fry the skin. When buying sunscreen also go for water resistant sunscreen to ensure that you have enough coverage when go swimming or work up a sweat. You may wash off the sunscreen without noticing.



Like your skin, your eyes also normally get burnt by the scorching sun during summer. The damage caused by sun burn on your eyes can lead to cataract over time. Besides sun glasses looking cool, they are useful in protecting your eyes. Getting oversized sunglasses give more coverage thus more protection. Make sure you buy a pair that offers UV protection.


Some makeup usually comes with protection against UV rays. These do not protect your skin like sunscreen does but will certainly help you protect you while looking good. The best way to use these makeup is by first applying sunscreen lotion and allowing it to soak before applying the UV protection makeup.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration damages your skin. During summer you can get dehydrated easily even without realizing. Drinking a lot of water is wise. When you are up and about, have a bottle of water with you always and ensure you drink the water. Avoid caffeine and alcohol since they are known to dehydrate the body.


skincarerightafsghdjfgDuring summer, it may be useful to keep a bottle of gel made from aloe. Aloe gel can give instant relief to the skin if you happen to stay in the sun for long without wearing sunscreen. This gel helps to prevent your skin from blistering or turning red and takes away the sting caused by sunburn as well.

Simmer time can leave your skin with blisters and burns. Everybody wants their skin to be healthy. Make use of these simple tips and products to protect your skin during this hot season.